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You’re Being Robbed Blind by Your Payment Processor – We Have the Solution!

When things are going well, why upset the apple cart? That is why in recent years, many small businesses have had the mindset that if things aren’t broken, there is no need to fix them. With the COVID-era upon us, large and small businesses alike are all scrambling to find ways to save money on their daily operations without sacrificing quality. If you are one of them, the answer is right under your nose. One of the quickest ways to cut costs on your overall budget is to stop being robbed blind by your credit card processing company! It isn’t just that the chances are good you are being taken advantage of; we know you are!

What are Credit Card Processing Fees?

Credit card processing fees are also ironically called “merchant discounts”. Why? Because they rarely offer your business any discounts at all. They are fees that you, as the merchant, pay for with every credit card or debit card purchase. The fee schedule has three different types of fees, the assessment or service fee, the payment processors fee, and the interchange fee. And there are three various components with their hands out; the payment processors, the card network and the card issuer.

What we Offer…

Although we don’t know exactly how your credit card processing company operates, what we do know is that you are wasting money with unnecessary fees! Our service can save you as much as 15-20% on your credit card processing costs, and that is a real saving that is welcomed not just now, but well after the COVID-19 era is behind us. The best part is that we offer all of our potential customers a FREE cost comparison to see how our fees stack up. Because we are certain we can beat our competitors, the evaluation is on us! We also offer FREE account set-up along with a Free-Gateway set-up so you have no reason not to give us a try! Whether you are starting up a new online business or just looking to revamp your total budget, our savings are substantial.

Wholesale Rates and Fast Approvals

Due to the conditions that large and small businesses are facing in the current atmosphere, now is the time to start your new venture! If you hesitate, you will miss out, which is why we not only offer wholesale rates to save you money, but also fast approvals to get your online store up and moving today! And unlike other credit card processing services who lock you in so you are stuck once you sign on, our company has no contracts – not now, not ever. We also don’t ask for application fees either; we are just happy to welcome you aboard and have faith that we can offer you the best!

What About Security?

Sometimes companies go with the status quo for fears of online security with lesser-known companies. At FuSwipe, we have the more secure transaction software possible to not only protect your customers; but ours too. You can rest assured knowing that financial information for both your operations and your consumers are safe from hackers.

Not Just About New Business

There is nothing that can make you feel less important than companies that only offer discount rates for new sign-ons. All of our customers, new and old, deserve a break now and going forward. So our discounted rates are available to both existing and new businesses. And to give you additional security knowing that when the COVID-19 era is over things won’t skyrocket, we offer rate lock-ins for life. What we offer, we offer for the long-term. We aren’t scrambling for new business over the next coming months; we are looking for a long-term relationship with the businesses that give us the privilege of handling their credit card processing. When you join us, you join us for the long haul and will reap the benefit not just today, or next week, but forever.

Businesses are in a tough position during the COVID-19 era, but the good news is it won’t last forever. What will last forever is cutting costs on your credit card processing fees if you give our company a try. Contact us today for a free evaluation of how we can save you money… What have you got to lose besides a whole lot of wasted money in overpriced processing fees?

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